Cyber Security Basics

Cyber Security Basics

Too many business and individuals are guilty of failing to follow the most basic of cyber security steps to protect their own information, and the personal information of their employees and customers.

Far too often we see the lack of simple procedures result in data breaches, stolen credit cards, identity theft, financial issues, and massive headaches for everyone involved.

In this episode of The Messengers podcast, Chris Searles ( and Rob Seifert discuss the most basic of security procedures and policies that all businesses should follow.

Even if you don't own a business, there is a ton of information in this episode on how individual people can keep their personal information safe from attackers.

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Show Notes:

[01:45] Discussion about the line between security and usability

[02:11] and again in more detail at [40:20], why forcing users to change their passwords too frequently is less secure than not requiring them to change them at all

[12:45] Why writing down your passwords and leaving them next to your computer is a terrible idea

[14:30] What ACTUALLY makes for a strong password and how easy is yours to crack?

[17:27] The number one way to make your passwords stronger

[19:37] The primary method hackers use to try to access digital accounts in the real world

[20:15] Why the length of your password is so important

[21:40] Advice on how to avoid phishing scams and ways that legitimate companies who don’t follow basic security procedures make the problem worse

***[24:05] The number one security mistake we see people make over and over again! IF YOU ONLY LISTEN TO / WATCH A PART OF THIS EPISODE, MAKE IT THIS PART AND STOP DOING THIS!***

[28:20] Don’t assume every software developer is an expert in digital security. Know when a service you use is doing something they shouldn’t be doing and proactively protect your information.

[29:33] Antivirus software basics

[30:50] Keep your machines up to date

[31:54] What is a firewall, what do they do, and the realities of if you need to worry about it or not

[35:10] Network access policies

[37:25] Wireless security basics

[42:40] PCI requirements for anyone that accepts credit cards in their business

[47:00] The importance of training your employees in basic security policies and explaining why those policies matter