Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips

Many entrepreneurs and businesses spend far too much time, effort, and money on logo design.

While your logo holds some importance, it’s not the make-or-break endeavor that many make it out to be.

Some spend way too much on logo design. Others, too little. On both sides, many agonize over minute details that won’t matter at all to their business.

There are a number of important elements when it comes to choosing and working with a logo designer that need to be considered.

While these items are important, they don't need to cost a fortune.

In this episode of The Messengers podcast [https://messengers.blog/], Chris Searles [http://www.christophersearles.com] and Rob Seifert discuss some of the common logo design pitfalls they see entrepreneurs and marketers fall into, as well as the misconceptions many hold when it comes to understanding what a logo is actually supposed to do.

They provide important information you should be sure to discuss with your logo designer to make sure your logo will work across all mediums, and get into everything from digital vs. print color-palettes to whether or not your logo should be updated and at what frequency.

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